Psoriasis... What is it?

Western Medicine View:

Psoriasis can be briefly described as a chronic skin disease that generally presents with silvery scales overlaying red, elevated patches of skin. The lesions may affected small or large area of the body surface and typically appear in the elbows, knees, scalp, and owner back, so that it is easily diagnosed. In understanding psoriasis, we have found that cells in the upper part of the skin, the epidermis, reproduce at very rapid rate. In the normal epidermis, cell move from the bottom to the surface in 28 days. White the cells in the psoriasis need only 4 days to reach the surface. Thus psoriasis is a hyper proliferative disease and the object of therapy is to decrease or normalize the rate of cell reproduction.

Just why psoriasis appears is still not understood. It is generally considered a genetic disease with about half the patients having 1 or more relatives known to have psoriasis. It is neither infectious nor contagious and does not suggest any other medical illness except for the possibility of psoriatic arthritis, which occurs in about 10% of the patients. Psoriasis can appear at any age and equally in both sexes. When asked what may precipitate the disease, the common reason are trauma (sunburn, scratches); certain drugs, such as beta blocker for heart disease (Inderal); internal cortisone medications and lithium; strep or viral throat infections and emotional or stressful situations

Chinese Medicine View

According to Chinese Medical theory, psoriasis is due to spleen or digestive system deficiency which can not supply enough nutrition's to the lung which governs the skin. and the overheating lung (lung fire) inhibits the normal function of the liver.

The treatment guide line is to supply nutrition's to the spleen and the liver in order for the lung to have normal function to produce normal cells.

PSORIASIS is a incurable skin disease by western medicine, The western doctors may prescribe toxic drugs to control it, which in turn damage your body system, But thank to Herbal Doctor Remedies---

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Here is the remedies which Chinese Herbal Doctor recommends:

* Treatment tip:

1. You must take Skin Moist # 205, Skin Lift # 136 and apply Psoriasis Balm # 1006 together for 3-6 months more or less to have a successful treatment.

2.  If you have Arthritic Psoriasis, add Pain Stopper # 129 for anti-inflammation and stop the painful joints.

Before Treatment /After 2months Treatment


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