Composition and Indication: Contains Tortoise Shell, Scrophularia, Anemarrhena, Fritillaria, Oyster Shell, Prunella, Cyathula,Polygala, Siler, Astragalus, Schisandra, Baked Licorice, Cinnamon, Rehmannia, Ophiopogon, Ginger, Jujube.The best herbal of choice for hyperthyroidism, substitute for Propylthioruacil (PTU), Methimazole (Tapazole) ,radioactive iodine and surgery. $ 35.00/90 Caps

Pulse Reseter # 805 Caps

Ingredients: Glycyrrhizae Rx, Preparata, Cinnamomi Ramulus, Zingiberis Recens Rz, Ginseng Rx, Asini Gelatinum, Jujube Fr. Ophiopogon Rx, Rehmanniae Rx.

Usage: It will promote Qi Circulation, tonify blood and Yin, restore abnormal beating of pulse. Used for cardiac diseases, Basehor's disease, blood and Qi deficiency manifesting cardiac hyper functioning, insomnia and constipation or dry stool. Reddish un-coated tongue, slow pulse with irregular intervals or weak, rapid pulse. Costs $ 35.00/90 caps


Composition and Indication: Contains Rehmannia Prepared, Acornus, Dioscorea, Alisma, Poria, Paonia, Lycium, Testudinis, Deer Antler, Ginseng., Cinnamon. A herbal choice formula for hypothyroidism,by boosting basal metabolism, ,increase thyroid hormone production. Substitute for Synthoid, Cytomel, Thyrolar. $ 35.00 Caps


Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment of Goiter

Goiter-PQ # 900 Caps

Pathology: Qi stasis and phlegm blocking

Symptoms: Goiter lump located in the front of neck, painless, soft texture, tension feeling in the neck, tightness in the chest, always sigh a sigh or chest pain, with white coating in the tongue and  pulses tightness

Ingredients: Saussurea and Citrus Reticulata, Laminaria, Sargassum,Os Sepiae,Concha Cyclinae, Bupleurum, Cyperus, Platycodon, Artium, and Belamcanda  $35.00/90 caps

Goiter-PB # 903 Caps

Pathology: Blood Stasis and Phlegm Blocking

Symptoms: Goiter appeared in the front of neck, hard feeling or becomes nodule, chest fullness or tightness, indigestion, thin or thick white coating on the tongue

Ingredients: Laminaria, Sargassum, Kun Bu, Citrus Reticulata, Citrus Reticulata Immaturus; pericap, Pinellia, Forsythia, Angelica Sinesis, Ligusticum Chunxiong,Sarganium, Curcuma, Salvia Mitiorrhiza, Prunella vulgaris, Cortex Moutan. $35.00/90 caps

Goiter-LF #905 Caps

Pathology: Intensive Liver Fire

Symptoms: Goiter in the front of neck light or moderate swelling, generally soft, shining smooth, nervousness, easy sweating, irritable and easy angry, bulging eyes, finger tremor, red face, bitter mouth, red tongue body, slight yellow tongue moss, tight and fast pulse.

Ingredients: Bupleurum, Paonia lactiflora; radix, Poria Coco, Angelica Sinesis, Ligusticum Chunxiong, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Gardenia, Cortex Moutan, Sargassum, Prunella, Gentiana spp, Radix, Gambir, Concha Ostreae, Gypsum, Anemarrhena. $35.00/90 caps

Goiter-LH # 907 Caps

Pathology: Goiter sometimes bigger , sometimes smaller, soft texture, slow growth, palpitation, nervousness, insomnia, easy sweating, finger tremor, dry eyes, blurry eyes, tiredness, fatigue, tremor tongue body, weak and fast, tight pulse.

Ingredients:  Rehmannia glutinosa; Radix, Scrophulariae Radix,Ophiopogon Radix, Asparagus Radix, Ginseng, Poria coco, Schisandra Fructus, Angelica Sinesis, Salvia mitiorriza; Radix, Biotae Semen, Polygala spp, Radix, Lycium Fructus, Melia toosendan, Fructus, Gambir, Paonia latiflora, Radix, Cuscuta Semen,Taxilli Ramulus, Cyathulae  Radix. $ 35.00/90 Caps

Goiter Shrinker # 936  Caps

Pathology: for thyroma or thyroiditis, Multi nodules, Thyroid Tumor

Ingredients: Lithospermum, Concha Ostrea, Angelica Sinesis, Paonia latiflora, Radix, Poria cocos, Sargassum, Laminaria, Citrus reticulata, Citrus reticulata immaturus, pericarp. Salvia mitiorrhiza, Radix, Persica, Carthamus. Vaccariae Semen. $35.00/90 caps



Goiter Off (Fu Fang Hai Zao Wan) #H036


Sargassum (Hai Zao)

Fructus Mume (Yan Wu Mei)

Laminariae Seu Eckloniae Thallus (Kun Bu)

Concha Ostreae (Shen Mu Li)

Os Draconis (Sheng Long Gu)

Semen Vaccariae (Wang Bu Liu Xing)


It can eliminate phlegm and soften mass, and remove goiter. It is used for goiter due to qi stagnancy and accumulation of phlegm caused by disturbance between the liver and spleen.


1. Goiter 2. Thyroid tumor

3. Scrofula 4. Edema due to retention of phlegm

5. Painful and swollen testis.

Costs: $ 25.00/200  Pills  200 mg each


Composition: Laminaria, Phellodendron, Anemarrhena, Platycodon, Sparganum, Zedoaria, Forsythia, Coptis, Licorice, Scute, Paonia, Pueraia, Bupleurum, Dang Gui, Gentiana, Cimicifuga, Tricosanthes, Sargasum. $35.00/90 Caps

Indication: This is the most powerful formula to shrink tumor or lumps, fibrocystic diseases, unknown tumors, for lymphadenitis in the neck, scrofula ,thyroma, breast cancer, and goiter by disperses Qi stagnancy , dispel heat-dampness. . $35.00/90 Caps.


Composition: Magnolia bark, Lindera, Astragalus, Peony , Ginseng, Dang Gui, Cinnamon, Twigs, Platycodon, Cnidium, Angelica, Chihko, Perilla fruit, Areca seed, Siler, Licorice.

Indication: This formula can help regulate chi circulation, drain pus, remove hardness and swelling of tumor. Used for tumor of unknown causes, fibrocystic disease, breast cancer, thyroma, goiter, and cervical lymphadema. Or as a cancer prevention diet supplement. $ 35.00/ 90 caps