Throughout the ages, the human civilization has development numerous ways to prolong health and enhance beauty. The TCM approach has close to 5000 years in history of prolonging the age and improvement the health condition of the emperors, queens and nobleman. Throughout the numerous dynasties of the Chinese civilization, as early as yellow emperor, the TCM approach has always been the first to strengthen the body and second to treat diseases. The approach to strengthen the body enabled the emperors to extend his reign through taking various kind of medicinal herb, elixirs, dietary supplements as well as certain spiritual Qi Kong and rituals. The Chinese way to longevity is about to growing gracefully and wisely, not to contained to medications or wheelchairs. The term they used is "High age" and not "Old age". The present approach consist of Traditional TCM way as well as Physician's clinical experience.

The procedure of using acupuncture combined with acupressure and herbal remedies is effective in minimizing the lines and wrinkles, lifting the face and the chin, plumping the cheeks, reducing the depth of deeper lines resulting in a brighter and smoother face. Acupuncture increases collagen and elastin, improves muscle tone to maintain the improvement they gain from the treatment.

Americans are spending more money than ever on new anti-aging methods. But a non-surgical, non-chemical technique can take years off your face. The fountain-of-youth claim is base in ancient Chinese medicine and facial acupuncture and massage. Patient can look 10 year younger with a procedure used hundreds of years ago by Chinese royalty: the acupuncture facelift. Physician will inserts hair thin needles, about a dozen of them, into a patients wrinkles and depressions. " When they first go in, they feel like a sting, and in some places, you don't feel anything" quote from a patient. The needle is thread just below the surface of the skin. That triggers circulation between the face and internal organs stimulating the nervous system or what's called "Chi" Getting that energy flowering stimulates face-firming collagen production. After 20 minutes the needles will be removed and the treatment ends with a 10 minutes massage. One treatment is not a one-time cure for wrinkles. Drastic results required 8-12 sessions. " This could last several months or years. The patients should return for maintenance.


We have found some Chinese Herbal Formulas can really help stop aging or reverse aging process. Here is some formulas

Age Stop # 929

Ingredients: Cuscuta, Cistanche, Asparagus, Ophiopogon, Rehamnnia raw, Rehmannia cooked,Dioscorea, Achyranthes, Ecommia, Morinda, Lycium fruit, Acorus, Zanthoxylum, Polygala, and Alsima.

Usage: for weakness and trauma, impotency during middle age. "long term usage and help gray hair turn into black hair, feeling body lighter and strong as if from paradise " ( quote from ancient old herbal book). price: $40.00/90 Caps; dosage 3-6 caps a day.

Age Stop EX # 949

Ingredients: Asparagus, Ginseng, Ophiopogon, Poria, Rehmannia raw, Rehmannia cooked, Saussurea, Diocorea, Achyranthes, Eucommia, Morinda, Polygala, Xanthoxylum, Alisma, Cuscuta, Cistanche, Lycium fruit, Acorus, Shisandra, Biota Seed,Rubus, Plantago Seed, Lycium Bark, Cronus.

Usage: For every kind of weakness and trauma, impotency during middle age, premature white hair, fatigue, sore back and legs, early ejaculation, early aging symptoms. Ancient old book said: after taking this formula for half month, you would get strong erection,; after one month, your face will look like child face, very smooth, your vision will be very sharp, you can almost see 10 miles away, your urine will be very light and clear; taking after 3 months: your gray hair will turn to black. Long term taking will give you more energy, you will feel lightness and strong.

Dosage: 3-6 caps daily price $ 45.00/90 Caps

Grandpa Joe Longevity Spirit # 899

Ingredients: Astragalus, Poria cocos, Cinnamon inner bark, Don Qui, Rehmannia raw, Atractylodes white, Ophiopogon, Citrus peel, Cornus, Lycium fruit, Chung Xiong, and Siler in 35 % alcohol

Usage: Ancient old formula to prevent aging or prolonging life span. price : $30.00/240ML ; dosage: 1-2 Tablespoonful after dinner.

** Warning: Don not take if you have hypertension or hepatitis

Bedroom Secret Formulas

Hot Rock #P2001 Powder

Ingredients:Cistanche, Shisandra, Cnidium Fruits, Cuscuta, Aurantium Immaturus.

Dosage: 1 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine ( Whisky, Brandy, Cognac or Volka) at night time. For impotency, no erection or soft erection. $ 25.00/50 GM

Hot Rock # P2002 Powder

Ingredients: Cnidium fruit, Morinda, Cuscuta, Cistanche, Polygala, Schisandra and Siler.

Dosage: 1 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine at night time. A strong erection formula. $ 25.00/50GM

Hot Rock # P2003 Powder

Ingredients: Cistanche, Halotis, Cnidium fruits, Polygala, Dispsacus, Disocorea, Corus Ceru

Dosage: 1-2 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine at night time: for impotency, no erection , erection but not big, big but not long, long but not hot, hot but not solid, solid but not lasting long enough, lasting long enough but no sperm, sperm cold and thin ( not enough sperm count) $ 35.00/50 GM

Vagi-Lube # P2004 Powder

Ingredients: Cistache, Cnidium fruit, Polygala, Dispsacus, Cuscuta.

Dosage: 1-2 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine. For vaginal dryness $ 25.00/50GM



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