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It's Rosacea...And It Can Be Healed ! Today 1 out of 20 American Adults May Suffer From Rosacea, But Help is Available Here !

Here is some information about rosacea's signs:

Rosacea can interfere with your life, your job status, your self-esteem and your confidence.
Rosacea is an adult skin disorder which if untreated, tends to worsen over time. The first sign of rosacea may be as simple as a redness of the face, resembling a blush or sunburn. Without early treatment, the condition may develop into acne-like pimples and thin red lines due to enlarged blood vessels. As rosacea worsens, the nose may become swollen, red, and disfigured from excess tissue, a condition often associated with the late comedian,
W.C. Fields.
Acne and Rosacea , Red Face ,Red Nose Suffers :Good News! No matter how long you have Acne or Rosacea, Don't be desperate ! Wouldn't you like to have clean, smooth and beautiful face complexion in about 90 days ? Before you take any prescription drugs, Its time to switch over to the most powerful, effective Chinese Herbal Doctor's Remedies! No prescription, No side effects, Wonderful, remarkable results! We have provide you with different remedies based on our hard research effects and according to your individual needs.

We can help you to achieve 100 % clearance in a Short Time

The Chinese herbal remedies has 5000 years of safety and effectiveness record longer than acupuncture. Based on our record of treating over 12,000 cases of Acne and Rosacea patients from mild, medium to severe cases, the total successful rate is over 90 % depends on how severity and treatment time, and individual responses. Before you are taking prescription drugs such as Tetracycline, Minocycline, Acutane, metro gel for treatment of Acne Rosacea, you may have to continue to take all your life without true healing and the drug side effects might damage your delicate body system).

Here are some Internal Herbal Doctor Remedies what Herbal Doctor recommends :

* NOTE** During acne rosacea treatment within 30 days or more ,some patients may experience the condition of acne or rosacea got worse ( An "allergy-like" reaction" such as itching, swelling, more bumps or pimples than ever before), This is due to internal heat releasing process and it is a turning point and good sign to get better soon , this is because your body is trying to get away all the toxins accumulated in the body system- a detoxification process characterized with Chinese herbal medicine treatment, Don't be scared, just continue to take herbal remedies, it will cleared up in 2-4 weeks, once it is cleared up, your face will clear up too. Although 60% patients of our patients were completely healed about 30 days, If you have acne or rosacea over 1 years, it might take longer than 30 days
** You must stop taking Accutane, Tetracycline or Minocin or using Metro-gel 48 hours before taking our Herbal Remedies to avoid interaction which will slow down the healing speed.
***The successful treatment partially depends on your cooperation. Please call back or contact us to report your progress
3-5 days before you run out your herbal remedies or every 2 weeks.
*****Please take with a cup of warm water on an empty stomach, each time you take herbal remedies. Avoid eating Garlic, Chili, any spicy food, beef, chocolate, coffee, beer, wine, liquor or alcoholic beverages or medicines. You can eat pork, chicken, fish, more vegetables, fruits, drink green tea.

NEW DISCOVERY: Dear patients, if you are taking Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 after 30-60 days and your symptoms still resist to heal, you can switch to "FLARE OFF # 150 " to eliminate the liver heat flare up to your face or upper chest area in order to wipe out acne or rosacea.
If you have redness on your cheeks only, and have red tongue, warm hands and feet, feel warmer in the afternoon or evening, you have to take REMAN-AP # 170 also.
Some patients report their blood pressure lowered down over 10 degree while taking our Herbal Remedies.

Severity of Acne or Rosacea --------Time Span of Treatment using "Acne Off # 83 ;"Detoxin-S # 74" ; Flare Off # 150 " ; Purple Gold Balm # 130" or Acne Off Cream # 155".

Mild case ------------------------- 15-30 days with 100 % recovery for 30 % of patients

Moderate case --------------------- 30-60 days with 100% recovery for 60% of patients

Severe case ------------------------ 60-90 days with 100% recovery for 95 % of patients

Extreme Severe Case ----------------- 90-120 days with 100% recovery for 5 % of patients

* Actual time span depends on individual response !!

Comparison of HERBAL DOCTOR REMEDIES vs. Prescription Drugs

Medications ---------- Effectives ------- Toxicity or Side effects

"Acne Off # 83" -------- 100% ---------- 100% safety, no side effects

"Detoxin-S # 74"--------- 100% ---------- 100% safety, no side effects

Tetracycline , Minocin or Doxycycline --- 40-60% --------- yeast infection, yellowing teeth, diarrhea, stomach pain.

Accutane -------------------40-60% --------- Liver damage,  reproductive system damage, suicidal tendency, must avoid taking while in pregnancy to avoid birth defect, dry skin, rebound effects, must avoid sunlight, depression.

Comparison of "Purple Gold Balm # 130" vs. Metro-gel,Erythromcycin 2% lotion,Cleocin lotion, Sulfucin lotion, Benzamycin cream, Benzoyl Peroxide gel, Oxy-5,Oxy-10 or Acne Stat.

"Purple Gold Balm # 130" contains Lithosperum, Dong Quei, Licorice, Coix in petrolatum base, all natural components provides antiseptic, anti-inflammation, moisturizing, smooth out skin functions, a very effective ointment for mild case of acne rosacea, and wound or acne scars,etc.

All prescription drugs or over the counter drugs contains, Erythromycin, Clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, sulfa drugs or Retinoic Acid like Retin-A. When using it, patients may be allergic to these chemicals or burn the skin, because these chemical are acidic or allergic properties.

To help you save your face in A SHORT time and an economic way the Herbal Doctor recommends how to choose the right formula for you :

For Severe cases of acne or rosacea with oily facial skin especially on the nose and forehead: take combination of Acne Off # 83, Detoxin-S # 74 and Flare Off # 150, For moderate or mild cases of Acne or Rosacea: take "Acne Off # 83" and "Detoxin-S # 74 together (for oily facial skin) ; For dry skin : take Fire Off # 180 and Flare Off # 150 together ( add Detoxin-S # 74 if you have pimples) ; For persistent or stubborn acne or rosacea, switch Detoxin-S # 74 to Dermamycin # 274 or Detoxin EX # 374 to cut down to time of healing and avoid taking beef, spicy hot food, beer, alcohol beverage, caffeine, chocolate, smoking in order to reduce excess internal heat that causes acne. and using " Purple Gold Balm # 130" ( for dry facial skin ) to smooth out acne scar or preventing acne producing. For oily type skin, you may use Acne Off Cream # 155 or Rosacea Cream # 1030 apply sparingly 3 times a day.

For Moderate to mild cases of acne or rosacea: use Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 together and apply Purple Gold Balm # 130 or Acne Off Cream # 155 or Rosacea Cream # 1030 or Rosacea Lotion # 1031

For patients with sore back, weak legs, dry mouth, red tongue, palpitation, warm palm and food in the after noon or evening: take Reman-AP # 170 also.

For patients with dry facial ,pale, yellow skin, tired easily, anemic tendency, take Fire Off # 180 also

For patients with over dry or scaly skin: take Skin Moist # 205 also

For patients with high blood pressure, take Detensin # 92 also, for nervous type patients, take Mental Tonic # 62 also.

For patients with other diseases beside acne or rosacea, they must treat their underline disease first, before treatment of acne or rosacea.

For patients with menstrual irregularity : take Blood Cleanser # 66 for period with blood clots; Regular-P # 198 for period too early ; Immune-2100 # 95 for spotting period; for period with alternative early or late: take Lady's Friend # 36.

* After treatment care: use Skin Lifter # 136 and Skin Moist # 205 for a month to lift ,smooth out your facial , body skin ,remove all skin pigments (use Oriental Beauty Cream # 135 also) and moisturize your skin.

Compare the cost of treatment of Acne, Rosacea with prescription Drugs:

Average Monthly Cost on Herbal Doctor Remedies with Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 --- $ 100.00
Average Total Cost on Herbal Doctor Remedies with Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 in 3 months period---- $ 300.00

Average Monthly cost on Accutane or Minocin treatment including Dermatologist visit--- $ 300.00
Average Total cost on Accutane or Minocin treatment, the time period from 6 months to 10 years or 20 years ---$1800-$36,000
with only temporarily symptoms control, not a cure, The symptoms will rebound back.


** Congratulations on those patients who had completely recovered

Here is what some witnesses said:

My rosacea was gone after I took Herbal Doctor Remedies for 1 month, and my skin never looked so good before, since I was 10 years old. Ms. J. Mozacca, PA

After using Acne Off # 83, Detoxin-S # 74 and Purple Gold Balm # 130 for about 2 weeks, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the color and texture of my skin, I wish to continue with the use of your products as they are the best I have discovered. C. Johnson, New Zealand

I am sooo glad that my 10 years old of rosacea was gone after taking your products for about a month, I don't have to take Minocine any more which I can not live without it.... G. in Illinois

I have seen several dermatologists for my rosacea but no vain, after I took Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 for just 2 weeks my face was completely cleared up .. Dr. D. Yellin, CA

** More Witnesses**

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