Here are some witness said :

My skin is doing fantastic!! still no new flare ups!! It is almost impossible to believe, had I not experienced it myself!

after 14 years of dealing with the pain and embarrassment of acne, and after 14 years of trying "everything under the sun" from the word of conventional medicine, your products did the trick ! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your herbal remedies and the grace of God have given me a new life!

Best wishes,

April S, California USA

My herbs I ordered seem to be working. No more burning face, just gets a little pink but it only lasts for a few hours instead of a week or so.

I actually went through a 2 weeks plague of flue at the office and I didn't get it......amazing! And I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I get about 4-5 hours a night instead of 0-2 hours

Julian B.

Started with my third week of the stronger herbal. There is noticeable improving, my back has cleared up and my break-outs, although there, are less severe in appearance. Hoping these final 2 weeks will be final!

Sophia W.

I have been using your formula, Circula-Q # 90 and Pain Stopper # 129 for a few days now & today I began get a bad migraine in the afternoon.. I took a dose of Pain Stopper # 130 in addition to the 3 caps of Circula-Q # 90 that I had taken in the morning and my migraine disappeared in an hour!

I am so pleased ! And this is so much superior to the Immitrex I have been taken...thank you!

Shirley G

Hello, I am taking Detoxin-S # 74 and Fire Off # 180 for rosacea. My face got immediately better within the first 2 days of taking the pills. Then it got worse, very blotchy and red for about a week. Now it's better. For some reason, I am sleeping more.

Cecelia K, Downieville, CA

Finally, I saw some improvement. Some parts of my skin are turning normal. My shiny layers of skin is slowing disappearing. What's even better is that I'm getting new skin on my original skin. My scars and freckles are being eliminated following the shiny skin. I am very happy

Yat-Tung L, Hong Kong


I've been taking Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 for 3 weeks now. My skin is starting to look better-It's less oily, my hair is less oily- I do not have to wash it every two days now. The acne rosacea is not causing eruptions on my skin anymore.

H. Thomas, U.K.

Hi, Its Wendy here, I have been using Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 for nearly two weeks now and there is a bit of difference in my face still red but the pimples have nearly gone.

Wendy S, Australia

Hi, It is me again. The products I ordered are working so well, I'd like to try some more. Please send Skin Lift # 136 and Oriental Beauty Cr # 135, Thank you.

Jenny M

I have been taking the Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 find using the Purple Gold Balm # 130 for 4 weeks now. My rosacea is much better-my skin is smooth and the redness is a lot less

Melanie C, Pennsylvania

After 4 weeks of using your acne remedies I'm finally clearing up my face after enduing 4 years of agony and shame. I've been searching and reading a lot in the past 2 years to find a natural, fast relieve and you've got it. Thousand thanks to everyone in production and selling of these wonderful products. Good Luck!!

VERY satisfied customer

Gregory C

I'm happy with the result I'm getting so far with Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74- I'm on the third week.

Susan H, Architecture and Standards

I am contacting you to let you know that I am taking Aphrod Plus # 200. I've noticed a change in my sexual desire.

Samone S, Florida

For approximately three years, I have been treated for Rosacea. The treatment have included oral and topical antibiotics, sulfa lotions, phenergan cream and tranquilizers. The treatment inevitably caused allergic reactions or secondary infections which in turn had to be treated with yet more medications. The entire experience rendered me both physically and mentally exhausted.

Approximately 6 month ago, I started using Detoxin-S # 74, Flare Off # 150 and Acne Off # 83. Within the first six months, all rosacea related symptoms no longer existed. In addition, I can honestly say that my mental as well as physical exhaustion has greatly improved.

I would like to sincerely thank you for helping me. Your products have had a profoundly positive effect on my life. Thank you


J. L. Monroe, Texas

My name is Ronald L and I've been taking herbal remedies for rosacea for about 2 weeks now. I can't believe how great they are working. My face is completely clear and hasn't looked this great since grad school. Thanks, Ron L

Thank you very much for your wonderful products. I started using Acne Off # 83 , Detoxin-S # 74, Flare Off # 150 and Purple Gold Balm # 130 and am noticing "some" improvement on my face.

The best news is that the Rosacea has been so bad that I had infections in both eyes. It's so exciting to see my eyes are clearing up and the pain is going away! This has been such a dreadful condition to deal with. My dermatologist has had me on Minocin since last October and I'm so relieved to not be taking it anymore. It sure wasn't clearing up my condition. Then He wants to do laser surgery on the capillaries which I really don't want to do.

Thank you, again, so much for improving the health of those, like me, with your wonderful products.

Sincerely, Elke L

I'm happy to say the cancer area is showing strong sign of healing in the past week. I feel it will be complete in another few days. I plan on using your herbal formula along with my regular vitamins weekly.

Gary L, Texas

Just wanted to let you know on my progress with your product called Gastro EZ # 128. I believe that it is helping my IBS symptoms, although I unfortunately don't believe a cure is available. These capsules are certainly helping me feel better.

Thank you, Lisa D, U.K.

I have been on your medication for rosacea for approximately 1 1/2 weeks. I saw lots of improvement the first couple of days, with continued gradual improvement over the past weeks.

I have noticed that the area of my face not compounded by rosacea have become quite smooth and nice looking , perhaps now exaggerating the redness of the rosacea area more. Some parts of my hand that had scaly patches are becoming les red and less scaly. Thanks, Jeff D, Texas

Hi, Doc! I bought your Biomycin, Flare Off and Purple Gold Balm. I love that stuff. The balm has really helped the boils, the scars are almost gone but the good news is I haven't got any new ones. Liz M

I am writing to give you an update f my condition and progress while using the treatment prescribed in your Herbal Doctor Remedies website

First a history: I am age 44 and first notice signs of a skin disorder at age 26. At that time the condition was infrequent only during times of high stress and little sleep. I have visited dermatologists on two separate occasions but without a resolution or effective treatment; neither of these visits diagnosed Rosacea.

Over the past several years my condition has gradually worsened. The primary symptoms are redness of the cheeks spanning over the bridge of the nose. in extreme cases the flare-up extended to the forehead and chin. These symptoms appear and are exaggerated by stress and lack of adequate rest. Over the past 5 years I noticed small permanent bumps have appeared primary on the forehead but to a lesser extent on the cheeks. The redness feels inflamed and swollen, it resolves in a few days following rest and nutrition but often results in peeling similar to a sunburn. I have noticed a very few permanently visible surface veins on my cheeks and nose.

I have using the treatment of Detoxin-S # 74, Flare Off # 150 and Acne Off # 83 for nearly 6 weeks ( 3 capsules each twice a day) I have also increase water consumption to 5-6 full glasses daily and have avoided caffeine and alcohol. My progress to date is as follows:

The symptoms almost immediately began to show signs of improvement. The bumps seems to slowly recede and the redness/irritation was less frequent and less severe. On about the 4th week my condition suddenly became much worse with provocation. The redness and selling of my cheeks and nose were much severe than I can ever recall. Following 3 days Rosacea Cream # 1030 and much rest the symptoms finally began to reverse. Oddly, after recovery from this flare-up. I again have redness and irritation but on other parts my face not normally affected including my upper lip and lower cheeks.

By the 6 week, all symptoms have reversed and my skin feels better than it has in countless years of suffering. This without adequate rest. After this moment, my face is clearer than I can ever recall and the small bumps have nearly disappeared. In addition, my wife comments that my facial pores have visibly reduced in size. As a sidebar, my scalp is less itchy and I have stopped using dandropp shampoo.

My though is to continue treatment through the complete 90 day cycle and hopefully see continuing and permanent improvement. I believe this to be a miracle product/treatment. I can only hope the results are permanent

Thank you for your incredible product/treatment and technical support. I look forward to hearing from you. Mark in San Diego, CA.

Treatment with Acne Off # 83 , Detoxin-S # 74; Acne Off Cream # 155 for Rosacea Condition. After 17 days of treatment improvement was 80%. After that the condition worsen. I call you and you told me to keep the same treatment. I am following the same treatment and all the advices that you gave me. After two months of treatment, the redness of both cheeks almost gone. Almost forgot I'm suffering this condition more than 5 years. Maria T in Texas

I have been taken Flare Off # 150 and Detoxin-S # 74 and Rosacea Cream, # 1030 for 7days. The effects so far are remarkable. The lumpy quality of my skin has gone and my face is already losing it's redness. Thank you!!!

Many, many many thanks. You are giving me back my confidence and my old self !

Yours sincerely, Rebecca in Great Brittan (UK)

Hello Dr. Shen

I would like to report the effects of the herbs you recommended that I have taking for three weeks.

Tumor Shrinker # 325 for a giant lipoma ( 5 inches long, 3 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches high, Flare Off # 150 for mild rosacea and Skin Moist # 205 also for rosacea.

First of all, I am so happy! Three days after I started the herbs, tiny dry blisters with itching came up in the skin covering the lipoma with, and the skin has continued to dry and peel away. I think this must be a good sigh, although the size of lipoma seems the same. Do you think this is a good sign? Do you have any idea of what will happen next?

Also, something completely amazing and unexpected. Two weeks after starting the herbs, a place on my forehead started to itch very strongly, It got very inflamed, and one day I rubbed it hard, and when I looked at it, I saw a little hole in the middle of the spot. The hole got larger, and after a couple of days of bright red inflammation and itching, a round black scab formed. At the same time, another spot next the first spot went through the same process.

I think I figured out what has happened. The two spots that were places on my forehead and they had always have small swellings, like a wart under the skin. I had had these all my life and never though anything about it. I just thought they were unexplainable skin anomalies.

But when these scabs formed, I noticed that they were right next the three faint scars that I had form chicken pox when I was four year old. I think that those bumps were chicken pox viruses that have become encapsulated and never expressed. They have been lying dormant all these 49 years, and the Tumor Shrinker has purified and eliminated these horrible things.

This is wonderful and amazing, and I am so happy ! I have heard that Chinese Medicine is the best, and now I am convinced.

Regarding Skin Moist # 205, and think that the wrinkles in my face are decreasing, another unexpected benefit. The Flare Off # 150 seems to be diminishing the redness in my face, but I will need to continue the treatment for some day longer, I have these red broken capillaries that I hop will disappear.

Alison W, NH


Dear Herbal Doctor:

The formula which I began taking a litter over 2 weeks ago has brought me a very positive improvement! ( This is Flare Off # 150 plus Skin Moist # 205)

Up to that point I have experienced a great deal of progress with Flare Off # 150 and Fire Off # 180 over 5 months but was still having some swing into mild redness, heat & swelling of my nose/face. since begging the new formula, the reactions has steadily faded. My skin in so much calmer. It may be too early to tell if healing is complete but the indication is that I am well one the way. I will be in touch again in 2 weeks.

My deepest gratitude to you and to our one infinite creator, of whom I believe you are an agent in service.

Judith R in Virginia 6/10/05