New Important Products

Ingredients: Plantaginis Sm, Akebiae Caulis, Dianthi Hb. Polygoni Avicularis Hb. Talcum, Glycyrrhizae Rx, Gardeniae Fr, Rhei Rz. et Rx, Junci Medulla

Usage: This formula helps dispel heat, purge fire, delivers water, and promote urination for cystitis, urethritis, urinary infections, acute prostatis, and acute nephritis. For patients with reddish tongue with yellowish fur, rapid and solid pulse. $ 30.00/90 Caps

Ingredients : Atractylodis Rz, Atractylodis alba Rz, Poria Cocos Rx, Polypolus, Alismatis Rz, Citri Reticulatae Pc, Magonolia Officinalis Cx, Cinnamomi Cx, Jujube Fr, Zingiberis Recens Rz, and Glycyrrhizae Rx.

Usage: It helps strengthens the spleen, harmonize the middle burner and dispel dampness. It can be used for acute gastroenteritis, gastritis, acute nephritis, difficult urination, abdominal pain, diarrhea and edema. It also can be used to remove the dampness in the body system for treatment of fungus, yeast, Moniliasis Candidiasis infection. $ 30.00/90 caps

Ingredients:Magoliae Officinalis Cx, Aurantii Immaturus Fr, Rhei Rz. et Rz, Mirabilitum Depuratum.

Usage: It helps purges heat accumulated in the lower torso for febrile disease, hypertension, beriberi, mania, food poisoning, habitual constipation and dysentery. for patients with yellowish tongue with rough and prickly black fur, sunken and solid pulse. The most powerful intestinal or colon cleanser in the world. Use occasionally only. $ 30.00/90 Caps

Ingredients: Cinnamomi Ramulus, Dragonis Os, Ostreae Concha, Paeoniae Alba Rx, Glycyrrhizae Rx, Zingiberis Recens Rz, Jujuze Fr.

Usage: It helps adjust the balance of Yin and Yang, for patients with Neurasthenia, sexual neurosis, cardiac palpitations, night sweat, insomnia, amnesia, nocturnal emission, infantile night crying, hair loss due to nervousness. Suitable for patients with warmer upper torso and colder lower torso. $ 30.00/90 caps

Ingredients: Citrus peel, Citrus Viride, Atractylodis, Capilaris, Tokoro, Poria, Plantago seed, Alisma, Dictamnus, Kochia, Tribulus, Scute, Phellodendron, Cicade Moulting, and Gypsum.

Usage: It helps remove the dampness and humid condition of the body system, kill the fungus infection for systemic fungus infection such as Tinea, yeast, Fungus nail , Moniliasis or Candidiasis infection. It works much better than Lamisil or Sporax which more expensive and much toxic to human body $ 35.00/90 caps

Ingredients: Ginseng Rx, Ophiopogon Rx. Schisandra Fr.

Usage: It will supplement vital energy, promote body fluid production, astringing Yin and stops excessive perspiration. Used for hyperhidrosis, thirst, breath shortness, tiredness, cardiogenic shock, arrhythmias, chronic cough, pale or red tongue, weak pulse. It can boost slow and weak pulse. It costs $ 30.00/90 caps

Ingredients: Glycyrrhizae Rx, Preparata, Cinnamomi Ramulus, Zingiberis Recens Rz, Ginseng Rx, Asini Gelatinum, Jujube Fr. Ophiopogon Rx, Rehmanniae Rx.

Usage: It will promote Qi Circulation, tonify blood and Yin, restore abnormal beating of pulse. Used for cardiac diseases, Basehor's disease, blood and Qi deficiency manifesting cardiac hyper functioning, insomnia and constipation or dry stool. Reddish un-coated tongue, slow pulse with irregular intervals or weak, rapid pulse. Costs $ 35.00/90 caps

Ingredients: Angelica sinensis , Ligusticum, Rehmannia, Paonia, Ligustrum, Leonurum, Cuscuta, Lycium fruit, Rubi Seed,Schisandra, Plantago seed, Cyperus

Usage: It can promote production of more healthy eggs for women over 40 years old and have a difficulty or producing eggs to be conceived. Costs $ 35.00/90 Caps

Ingredients: Astragalus, Angelica Sinensis Rz, Ligusticum Rz,, Rehmannia Rx, Rehmannia m Rx prepared, Paonia Rz, Paonia Rubra rz, Salvia Rz, Lycium Bark, Carthamus Flos, Poria, Cinnamon, Atractylodes Rz, Alisma Rz, Scrophularia Rx, Ophiopogon Rx, Glenia Littoralis Rx, Coix Semen, and Glycyrriza Rx.

Usage: This formula can supply blood and nutrition to the skin, promote blood circulation and new cell growth, remove the skin pigments,moisturize the skin, tighten and smooth out the skin. Ann inner beauty formula to remove the fine wrinkles, remove skin pigments and beautify the skin. $ 35.00/90 Caps

BLOOD CLOTS PURGER # 999 -Herbal Remedy Alternative to Plavix


Rhizoma Sparganii (Sen Leng)

Rhizoma Curcumae. (E Zhu)

Radix Notoginseng (San Qi)

Radix Salviae Miltirrhizae (Dan Shen)

Semen Persicae (Tao Ren)

Flos Carthami (Hong Hua)

Radix Scrophulariae (Xuan Shen)

Herbal Lycopi (Ze Lan)

Radix Curcumae (Yu Jin)

Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Dan Qui)

Rhizoma Corydalis ( Yan Hu Suo)


This formula can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and drenge meridians to relive pain. It can be used for Dymenorrhea, Amenorrhea. Traumatic injury, Hysperomyoma, Cerebral embolism,Coronary heart disease,Angina petoris, Headache, Dizziness, Acute myocardial infraction, Thromboangiitis obliternas, Sequelae of cerebral embolism. It can prevents heart attack, poor circulation in legs, PAD (peripheral artery disease) , prevents platelets from clustering, this helps to prevents blood form forming clots)


Avoid taking Plavix, Ibuprophen, naproxen, ketoprofen, indomethacin, nabumetone, oxaprozin, non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)

Costs: $35.00/90 Caps ; Dosage: 2 capsules 3 times a day before meals with a cup of warm water.

Use at varying concentration both topically and intravaginally for dampness, damp heat and toxic-heat and wind gynecological patterns with or without discharge including leucorrhea, vginitis, cervicitis,gonorrhea, vulvovaginitis, S.T.D.'s as well as general inflammations, infections and itching. also use for various damp-heat, wind-damp and heat dermatological patterns such as psoriasis, eczema, shingles, rashes, cold sores, fungal foot afflictions, styles and acne. In small concentrations and applied as compress to facilitate the healing of burns

This is China's most widely used topical/intravaginal wash for gynecological as well as general bacteria, fungal and viral skin complaints. The formula is comprised of both the water-extracted and essential of the said herbs and can be quite effective in small concentrations ( 5-10%). It can be effectively applied as a wash, rub, sits bath or compress. It can also be put into bath water as spa skin clear treatment, make skin more beautiful and spotless clean.

Ingredients: Cnidium fruit, Lonicera flower, Phellodendron, Scute, Capillaris, Atractylodes, Melia bark, Mentha, Gardenia, Sophora, Kochia, Angelica Duhuo, Acorus, Artemia Argyi, Dicrmnus, Smilacis.

Usage: for dermalogical and gynecological complaints, virginal discharge, fungal and bacterial infection, viral sore, acne, sting and bits, warts, poison oaks or ivy. Price : $ 30.00/240 ML


Topical: mix 5-100% herbal concentrate with various amounts of water into a solution, apply directly to skin as a wash, compress or sits bath 2-3 times a day.

Virginally: utilize washing respectable (douche) and mix 5-20% concentrate with water, rinse 2x3 day, 5-6 days a course of treatment. For more serious vaginal conditions, soak tampon with 50% concentration mixture and insert for 3- 5 hours 1-2 x day, 6 days as course of treatment


Age Stop # 929

Ingredients: Cuscuta, Cistanche, Asparagus, Ophiopogon, Rehamnnia raw, Rehmannia cooked,Dioscorea, Achyranthes, Eucommia, Morinda, Lycium fruit, Acorus, Zanthoxylum, Polygala, and Alsima.

Usage: for weakness and trauma, impotency during middle age. "long term usage and help gray hair turn into black hair, feeling body lighter and strong as if from paradise " ( quote from ancient old herbal book). price: $40.00/90 Caps; dosage 3-6 caps a day.

Age Stop EX # 949

Ingredients: Asparagus, Ginseng, Ophiopogon, Poria, Rehmannia raw, Rehmannia cooked, Saussurea, Diocorea, Achyranthes, Eucommia, Morinda, Polygala, Xanthoxylum, Alisma, Cuscuta, Cistanche, Lycium fruit, Acorus, Shisandra, Biota Seed,Rubus, Plantago Seed, Lycium Bark, Cronus.

Usage: For every kind of weakness and trauma, impotency during middle age, premature white hair, fatigue, sore back and legs, early ejaculation, early aging symptoms. Ancient old book said: after taking this formula for half month, you would get strong erection,; after one month, your face will look like child face, very smooth, your vision will be very sharp, you can almost see 10 miles away, your urine will be very light and clear; taking after 3 months: your gray hair will turn to black. Long term taking will give you more energy, you will feel lightness and strong.

Dosage: 3-6 caps daily price $ 45.00/90 Caps

Grandpa Joe Longevity Spirit # 899

Ingredients: Astragalus, Poria cocos, Cinammon inner bark, Don Qui, Rehmannia raw, Atractylodes white, Ophiopogon, Citrus peel, Cornus, Lycium fruit, Chung Xiong, and Siler in 35 % alcohol

Usage: Ancient old formula to prevent aging or prolonging life span. price : $30.00/240ML ; dosage: 1-2 Tablespoonful after dinner.

** Warning: Don not take if you have hypertension or hepatitis

Bedroom Secret Formulas

Hot Rock #P2001 Powder

Ingredients:Cistanche, Shisandra, Cnidium Fruits, Cuscuta, Aurantium Immaturus.

Dosage: 1 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine ( Whisky, Brandy, Congac or Vodka) at night time. For impotency, no erection or soft erection. $ 25.00/50 GM

Hot Rock # P2002 Powder

Ingredients: Cnidium fruit, Morinda, Cuscuta, Cistanche, Polygala, Schisandra and Siler.

Dosage: 1 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine at night time. A strong erection formula. $ 25.00/50GM

Hot Rock # P2003 Powder

Ingredients: Cistanche, Halotis, Cndium fruits, Polygala, Dispsacus, Disocorea, Corus Ceru

Dosage: 1-2 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine at night time: for impotency, no erection , erection but not big, big but not long, long but not hot, hot but not solid, solid but not lasting long enough, lasting long enough but no sperm, sperm cold and thin ( not enough sperm count) $ 35.00/50 GM

Vagi-Lube # P2004 Powder

Ingredients: Cistache, Cnidium fruit, Polygala, Dispsacus, Cuscuta.

Dosage: 1-2 tablespoonful in 30 ML wine. For vaginal dryness $ 25.00/50GM

Re-Man EX # 766

Ingredients: Rehmannia, Dioscorea, Cornus, Poria, Moutan, Alisma, Cinnamon, Aconite, Citurs,
Bupleurum, Paonia, Aurantum, Ligusticum, Cyperus, Carthamus, Persica.

Usage: For impotency or erectile dysfunction due to kidney weakness, aging, anxiety, nervousness, stress, blood stagnancy, blood clots, thick blood. Also for senile lumbago, diabetes, cataract, and keratitis. It helps boost blood circulation to the sex organ, and soothe the liver which control the secretion of sex gland. $ 40.00/90 Caps.

Cellulite Off # 866 is the newest innovation by Herbal Doctor Remedies natural skin treatment for cellulite, dry wrinkled crepe skin, lumpy skin, spider vein without costly surgery, it is 100% safe, effective and the results are remarkable.

Ingredients: Angelica Sinensis,Ligusticum Willicum Rz,Peonia Alba, Poria Coco Rx, Atractylodes Alba Rz, Alisamtis Rz, Polypolus, Cinnamomi Ramulus, Rehmannia Rx Preparata, Moutan Radicis, Percicae Sm, Paoniae Rubra Rx.

Usage: This formula can supply blood and nutrients to the skin, remove excess intercellular fluid which causes crepe paper skin or lumpy skin, eliminate stagnant blood from blood vessels, strengthen blood vessels elasticity, tighten the skin and smooth out skin surface.



Traditional  Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment of Goiter,Thyroma,Thyroditis

Goiter-PQ # 900 Caps

Pathology: Qi stasis and phlegm blocking

Symptoms: Goiter lump located in the front of neck, painless, soft texture, tension feeling in the neck, tightness in the chest, always sigh a sigh or chest pain, with white coating in the tongue and  pulses tightness

Ingredients: Saussurea and Citrus Reticulata, Laminaria, Sargassum,Os Sepiae,Concha Cyclinae, Bupleurum, Cyperus, Platycodon, Artium, and Belamcanda  $35.00/90 caps

Goiter-PB # 903 Caps

Pathology: Blood Stasis and Phlegm Blocking

Symptoms: Goiter appeared in the front of neck, hard feeling or becomes nodule, chest fullness or tightness, indigestion, thin or thick white coating on the tongue

Ingredients: Laminaria, Sargassum, Kun Bu, Citrus Reticulata, Citrus Reticulata Immaturus; pericap, Pinellia, Forsythia, Angelica Sinesis, Ligusticum Chunxiong,Sarganium, Curcuma, Salvia Mitiorrhiza, Prunella vulgaris, Cortex Moutan. $35.00/90 caps

Goiter-LF #905 Caps

Pathology: Intensive Liver Fire

Symptoms: Goiter in the front of neck light or moderate swelling, generally soft, shining smooth, nervousness, easy sweating, irritable and easy angry, bulging eyes, finger tremor, red face, bitter mouth, red tongue body, slight yellow tongue moss, tight and fast pulse.

Ingredients: Bupleurum, Paonia lactiflora; radix, Poria Coco, Angelica Sinesis, Ligusticum Chunxiong, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Gardenia, Cortex Moutan, Sargassum, Prunella, Gentiana spp, Radix, Gambir, Concha Ostreae, Gypsum, Anemarrhena. $35.00/90 caps

Goiter-LH # 907 Caps

Pathology: phlegm accumulated in the front of neck causes swelling of thyroid gland; due to the internal heat harms the heart Yin. Deficiency of heart Yin causes palpatation, nervousness and insomnia. Deficiency of Liver Yin causes fatigue. Eyes is the opening of liver, lack of nutrition causes vertigo, dizziness, Internal wind movement causes tremor of fingers and tongue body. Red tongue and weak and fast pulse.

Symptoms: Goiter sometimes bigger , sometimes smaller, soft texture, slow growth, palpitation, nervousness, insomnia, easy sweating, finger tremor, dry eyes, blurry eyes, tiredness, fatigue, tremor tongue body, weak and fast, tight pulse.

Ingredients:  Rehmannia glutinosa; Radix, Scrophulariae Radix,Ophiopogon Radix, Asparagus Radix, Ginseng, Poria coco, Schisandra Fructus, Angelica Sinesis, Salvia mitiorriza; Radix, Biotae Semen, Polygala spp, Radix, Lycium Fructus, Melia toosendan, Fructus, Gambir, Paonia latiflora, Radix, Cuscuta Semen,Taxilli Ramulus, Cyathulae  Radix. $ 35.00/90 Caps

Goiter Shrinker # 936  Caps

Pathology: for thyroma or thyroiditis, Multi nodules, Thyroid Tumor

Ingredients: Lithospermum, Concha Ostrea, Angelica Sinesis, Paonia latiflora, Radix, Poria cocos, Sargassum, Laminaria, Citrus reticulata, Citrus reticulata immaturus, pericarp. Salvia mitiorrhiza, Radix, Persica, Carthamus. Vaccariae Semen. $35.00/90 caps

Tinnitus Healing Formulas

1. Tinnitus-H # 650 90 Caps

Composition: Scute, gentiana, gardenia, bupleurum, alisma, angelica, rhemannia, licorice.

Indications : for tinnitus with high pitch of sound all day long due to liver fire  $35.00/90 Caps

2. Tinnitus-Lo: #655  90 Caps

Composition: Rehmannia, cornus, dioscorea, moutan, alisma, poria coco, anemarrhena, and philodendron.

Indications: for tinnitus with low tone humming voice, more sever in the afternoon or evening due to kidney weakness ( Kidney Yin deficiency )  or fake fire.  $35.00/90 Caps

Chinese Herbal Wine Formula

for Anti-Aging, Tonic and Impotency

Here is the list of Chinese Herbal Wine (Pu Yao Ju)

This is a collection of Chinese Ancient Tonic Wine

** Dosage :  1-2 teaspoonful diluted with 30 ML of Wine or liquor  after dinner or at bedtime. or Dissolve total 50 GM of powder into 500 ML of wine or liquor and take 1-2 teaspoonful at bedtime.

** Warning: Do not take if you have hypertension or hepatitis

 Long life Wine  # P900 Powder

Ingredients: Astragalus, Poria cocos, Cinnamon inner bark, Dang Qui, Rehmannia raw, Atractylodes white, Ophiopogon, Citrus peel, Cornus, Lycium fruit, Chung Xiong, and Siler.

Usage: Ancient old formula to prevent aging or prolonging life span. price : $30.00/50GM


Super Tonic Wine # P909 (Shi Quan Da Bu Wine) Powder

Ingredients: Ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, Cnidium, Rehmannia, Paonia, Cinnamon, Dang Gui, Astragalus, and Licorice.

Usage: This is a well known herbal tonic, very effective for chronic disease involving debility, anemia, loss of appetite and dry skin. Used as tonic after illness, surgery and childbirth, anemia, leukemia, leucorrhea, decreased eyesight after prolongs illness. It will increase white blood cell count after chemotherapy or radiation therapy $ 30.00/50GM


Kidney Energy Booster ( Wu Jia Pi Wine) #P 990 Powder

Ingredients: Acanthopanacis Cortex, Rehmannia prepared, Silvia Radix, Eucommiae Cortex, Cnidii Fructus, Gingerberis Rhizoma,  Lycii Radicis Cortex, Asparagi Radix.

Usage: It can  boosting kidney Qu, for kidney weakness, energy, arthritis, rhemumatoid arthritis. $30.00/50GM

Age Stop Wine (Yang Luo Ju) # P992 Powder

Ingredients: Caryophylli Flos, Ginseng, Anisi Stellati Fructus, Rhei Rhizoma et Radix, Ligusticii Wallichii Rhizoma, Glycyrrhizae Radix.

Usage: for anti-aging, renew body's organ function.$30.00/50GM

He Sou Wu Wine #P994  Powder

Ingredients: Ginseng, Astragalus, Atratylodes, Achyranthis, Paeoniae Alba, Licorice, Dang Gui, Citrus peel,Anemarrhena, Bupleurum, Remannia, Asparagus, Ophiopogon,Poria, Lycium Cortex, Polygonum.

Usage: for anti-aging, prolonging life

Yin Yang Huo Wine ( Epimedium Wine) #P996 Powder

Ingredients: Epimedium herba, Poria cocos, Jujube, Licorce.

Usage: for impotency, low libido. $30.00/50GM

Go Ji Tonic Wine  (Lycium Fruit Wine) # P998 Powder

Ingredients: Lycium, Schisandra, Cuscuta, Ginseng, Rehmannia, Poria cocos, Jujube, Ginger, Licorice.

Usage: For boosting energy, impotency, and tonify body system. $30.00/50GM

Updated 04/2011

Sleep Quick # 966 90 Caps

Ingredients: Dang Qui, Gambir, Paony, Atractylodis, Poria. Bupleurum, Licorice, Dragon bones, Ostrea Concha

Usage: It helps tranquilize the liver disturbance; uneasiness of mind ,relieve spasm, dispel deficiency heat for insomnia, neurosis, hysteria, anxiety, climacteric disorders, anxiety, neuralgia. $ 30.00/90 Caps

Dream Off # 818  90 Caps

Ingredients: Ginseng, Atractylodis, Poria, Astragalus, Angelica, Zizyphus, Longana, Polygala, Licorice, Jujube, Sussurea, and Ginger.

Usage: It help tonify Qi and blood, strengthen the spleen, nourish the heart for excessive worry resulting in the spleen and heart deficiency as marked by cardiac palpitations, amnesia, dream fullness, frightening, fever, lassitude, lack of appetite, nervous exhaustion, menstrual irregularity, melancholy, gastric ulcer. Pale tongue with whitish fur, small and weak pulse. $ 35.00/90 Caps

Neurocin # 233 90 Caps

Ingredients: Bupleurum, Angelica, Atractylodis, Ginger, Mentha, Paonia, Poria and Licorice

Usage: It will disperse liver heat, supplements the blood, eliminate Qi stagnation for Insomnia, climacteric disorder, neurasthenia, menstrual irregularity, shoulder and back pain, headache, dizziness with reddish tongue, wiry and weak pulse. $ 30.00/90 Caps

Mind Calmer # 848 90 Caps

Ingredients: Rehmannia raw and cooked, Ginseng, Polygala, Acorum, Scrophularia, Biota, Asparagus, Salvia, Zizyphus, Ophiopogon, Coptis, Poria,Angelica, and Schisandra.

Usage: It helps nourish Yin, blood and brains for insomnia, neurasthenia, hyperparathyroidism, cardiac palpitations, night sweat, amnesia, mental disturbances, weak constitution exhibiting Qi, blood and Spirit (Shen) deficiency, red tongue without fur, small and rapid pulse. $ 35.00/90 Caps

Stomach Flu  # 868 90 Caps

Ingredients: Agastachis, Atractylodis, Pinellia, Poria, Magnolia bark, Jujube, Areca peel, Angelica, Licorice, Perilla, Citrus peel, Platycodon, and Ginger

Usage: It can resolve the exterior, disperse dampness, regulate Qi, harmonize the spleen and stomach for common cold manifesting fever, chill phobia, headache,  chest distress and fullness, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, and borborygmus, influenza in the summer, acute gastroenteritis, indigestion, sore throat, cough, diarrhea and vomitting, white and greasy fur on the tongue.  $ 30.00/90 Caps

Edema Off # 915 90 Caps

Ingredients: Rehmannia cooked, Poria, Diocorea, Cornus, Moutan, Alisma, Cyathula, Plantagins seed, Aconite and Cinnamon.

Usage: It helps supplement the spleen and stomach, warm the Kidney, dispel water for edema due to Kidney problems, chronic nephritis, lumbago, swelling of the feet and impotence. $ 30.00/90 Caps

Hernia Off # 918 90 Caps

Ingredients: Citrus seed, Sargassum, Laminaria, Zostera, Melia, Persica, Magnolia bark, Aurantum, Corydalis, Cinnamon Scraps and Saussurea.

Usage: It helps regulate the Qi, Circulate the blood, disperse stagnation and lead dampness downward for swelling of scrotum, abdominal pain, thyroid adenoma, symptoms of whitish and greasy fur on tongue, wiry pulse. $35.00/90 Caps

Stroke Saver  #260 90 Caps

Ingredients: Astragalus, Angelica, Paonia, Lumbricus, Ligusticum, Persica and Carthamus

Usage: It helps tonify vital energy, promote blood circulation and dredge the meridian passage for stroke sequela such as hemiplegia, facial deviation, aphasia, slobbering, lower limbs paralysis, incontinence of urine, etc. with white fur and slow pulse. $ 35.00/90 Caps

 Bone Fixer # 828 90 Caps

Ingredients: Caryophyllum, Saussurea, Draconis Sanguis, Catechu, Rehmnnia, Carthamus, Angelica, Nelumbinis seed, Poria, Paonia, Moutan, Licorice.

Usage: It activates blood circulation, remove blood stasis, relieves swelling and pain for bone trauma and fractures. for closed bone fracture and wounds exterior and internal, pain caused by stasis of blood also for angina pectoris.  $ 35.00/90 Caps

Food Zyme # 228 90 Caps

Ingredients: Cratargus, Messa Medicata Fermentata, Pinellia, Poria, Citrus peel, Forsythia and Raphanus seed. for removing stagnancy and distention of middle burner, regulating Qi, expelling internal heat. for gastric distress, diarrhea, abdominal pain, eructation, acid reflux, yellowish and greasy fur on tongue, slippery pulse.  $30.00/90 caps

Ginseng Beauty # 206 90 Caps

Ingredients: Ginseng, Astragalus, Astractylodis, Dang Qui, Rehmannia, Paonia, Polygala, Schisandra, Jujube, Ginger, Licorice and Citrus peel.

Usage: It will tonify Qi and blood, supplement the spleen and lung deficiency for pale facial complexion, postpatum and post illness weakness, Pleurisy, amnesia, palpitations, general debility due to prolonged external injury, pale tongue, sunken and weak pulse. $30.00/90 Caps.

Anemia Off # 212 90 Caps

Ingredients: Dang Qui, Ligusticum, Paonia, Rehmannia, Ginseng, Atractylodis, Licorice, Ginger, Jujube and Poria.

Usage: It nourishes Qi and Blood for anemia, for anemia, debility during convalescence, menstrual irregularity, lack of appetite, generalized debility, mulnutrition and metrorrhagia.  $ 30.00/90 caps

Body Cooler # 707 90 Caps

Ingredients: Coptis,Scute, Phellodendrum and Gardenia

Usage: It helps purge the fire (body heat) eliminate toxins and stop bleeding for heat conformation exhibiting high fever, dry mouth and throat, delirium, epistaxis, hemoptysis and purpura due to excess heat; cerebral bleeding, hematouria, menorrhagia, itching skin and urticaria, red tongue with yellow fur, rapid and strong pulse. $ 35.00/90 caps

Body Warmer # 727 90 Caps

Ingredients: Dang Gui, Cinnamon twigs, Paonia, Asarum, Licorice, Akebia and Jujube

Usage: It helps warm the body channels, disperse cold, nourish the blood, invigorate pulse for anemia, lumbago, pain of the limbs, chill disease, frostbite, hernia, sciatica, abdominal pain, beriberi, nephritis and intestinal colic. Palse tongue with whitish fur, indistinct pulse. $30.00/90 Caps

Lung Saver # 169  90 Caps

Ingredients: Ginseng, Armeniaca Amarum seed, Morus, Sesame seed, Asinus Gelatin, Ophiopogon, Eribotrya , Licoirce and Gypsum

Usage: It helps disperse dryness, moisturize the lungs for pulmonary asthma, tracheitis manifesting cough with little sputum, sore throat and thirst, hacking cough, hemoptysis, pulmonary tuberculosis, uncoated tongue. $ 35.00/90 caps

Lung Fixer # 168  90 Caps

Ingredients: Rehmannia raw and cooked, Fritillaria, Ophiopogon, Licorice, Platycodon, Paonia, Dang Gui, Lily bulbs and scrophularia.

Usage: It nourishes the lung and Kidney, alleviates sore throat for pharyngitis, hemoptysis due to tuberculosis, coarseness due to coughing, red tongue with small and rapid pulse.  $ 30.00/90 Caps

Lung Tonic EX # 282 90 Caps

Ingredients: Aristolochia fruit, Artium, Armeniaca, Oryza Sativa seed, licorice and Asinum Gelatin

Usage: It nourishes ling and Kidneys, it is effective for weak functions of lungs, clears lung heat for bronchia asthma, cough by little sputum, pneumonia and tuberculosis, night sweat, dry cough, Emphysema, pulmonary tuberculosis, shortness of breath, uncoated red tongue, small and rapid pulse. $ 35.00/90 caps

Baby Saver # 903  90 Caps

Ingredients: Dang Gui, Ligusticum, Schizonepeta, Notopterygium, Paonia, Aurantium, Magnolia bark, Cuscuta, Artemisia, Astragalus, Fritillaria, Licorice and Ginger

Usage: It helps stabilize the fetus, nourish the blood for fetal stability, difficult labor, pain in the waist and abdomen during pregnancy and habitual abortion. Mainly for cases that have abortion symptoms at first stage of pregnancy, pale tongue with whitish fur, small and smooth pulse. $ 35.00/90 Caps

After Birth  # 714 90 Caps

Ingredients: Dang Gui, Ligusticum, Persica, Ginger prepared and Licorice.

Usage: It helps invigorate the blood, eliminate blood stagnancy, warm the blood and stop the pain for postpatum bleeding such as lochia and retention of lochia, abdominal pain.  $30.00/90 Caps