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"The silent epidemic" is regarded by many as the disease of the 90's. The silent epidemic is a term which refers to neurodegenerative disorders-Alzheimer's, stroke and Parkinson's disease, which plague the majority of the geriatric population but are poorly recognized by the society due to the low public visibility and social isolation of these elderly patients.

Neurodegenerative Disorders according to Western Medicine View Point

The fundamental principle in Western medicine regarding neurodegenerative disorders is the nerve cells can not regenerate once they die. Alzheimer's , Stroke and Parkinson's disease each involves the death and atrophy of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. therefore , there is no cure available in Western medicine for neurodegenerative disorder at the present time. All available treatment options focus on symptomatic treatment only.

Though the causes may differ, patients with neurodegenerative disorders are likely to show localized to generalized atrophy of the brain cells leading to compromise in both mental and physical functions. Mentally, the patients will exhibit forgetfulness, poor memory, decrease in mental capacity, emotional disturbance, poor speech, etc. Physically, the patients will exhibit partial to complete incontinence, aspiration of food particles, tremor, poor balance, muscle rigidity, muscle paralysis, etc. These decrease in mental and physical functions dramatically reduce the quality of life for the patients and increase the burden on the family and care-takers.

Neurodegenerative Disorders According to Oriental Medicine View Point

Neurodegenerative disorders are complex and pernicious disease which onset is insidious and followed by progressive deterioration. Their clinical manifestations are determined by the location and the seriousness of the neurodegenerative disorder. Their pathogenesis is a mixture of deficiency and excess conditions represented by the deficiency of kidney essence or the blocking of the brain channels by blood stasis (an excess condition) or both.

The cause of neurodegenerative disorders lies not so much in the brain (though it is the brain that shows the symptoms) as in the kidney, which, according to the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine controls the bone and generates the arrow. From the point of view of disease differentiation through the viscera and their interrelations, the root of the kidney and the bone marrow, while the blood stasis and phlegm accumulation are considered symptoms, not the causes. Therefore, the key the treating neurodegenerative disorders are to tonify the kidney, eliminate the phlegm, remove and blood stasis and induce resuscitation.

Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorder with Herbal Doctor Remedies

The continual use of Herbal Doctor Remedies is the key to recovery for patients with neurodegenerative disorders. Through many years of experience, Oriental Medicines have been found to help patients with decrease in mental and physical functions characterized by such symptoms as poor memory, forgetfulness, slow and delayed responses, tremor, muscular rigidity, poor balance, difficulty walking, slurred speech, tongue stiffness,


involuntary salvation , frequent urination and constipation.

The Herbal Remedies of choice is "New Life # 160", an herbal combination formulated specially for neurodegenerative disorder. It can help tonify the kidney and its essence, regulate bio-energy and blood circulation, remove blood stasis and open up the sensory orifices.

The patients will generally begin to show improvements after 2-4 weeks of therapy. However, for acute type of neurodegenerative disorder such as stroke, herbal therapy should be initiated after the patient's condition stabilized (after hemorrhage stops). The patient should take "New Life # 160" continuously for one month, and for chronic type of neurodegenerative disorder, 3 months prior to making a follow up clinical evaluation.

* Dear Patients : Please give us your feeling after you take "New Life # 160" to help us research and improve the formula for you.

** Recent studies showed New Life # 160 may be benefit for treatment of Tourett Disease or Huntington Disease. (Parkinson's like symptoms)

Life Style Instructions

(1)Patients should decrease the amount of food ingested at any meal (i.e. stop eating when approximately 80% fullness is achieved) they should lose weight if obese
(2) Cholesterol level should be reduced (use vegetable oil when cooking)
(3)Patients should avoid eating red meat (beef or lamb) and eat more white meat (chicken or fish, sea foods).
(4)Patients should eat more vegetables and fruits for vitamins A, B1, B2, C &E
(5)Patients should avoid eating fried, smoked or barbecued foods
(6)Patients should take frequent small meals instead of 1 or 2 large meals
(7)Patients should stop smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.

(8)Patients should avoid all aluminum, which may be found in antacid, cooking-ware, aluminum foils and certain foods.

(9)Patients should exercise daily and maintain positive, hopeful outlook toward the future


"New Life # 160"

Composition of "New Life # 160" : Morinda, eucommia, Lycium, Polygonum,Alpinia fruit, Cuscuta, Cornus, Ginseng, Discorea, Astragalus, American Ginseng, Poria coco, Pseudo ginseng, Crataegus, Leech, Gastrodia, Carthamus, Anteater Scales, Tokoro, Remannia Raw, Scolopendra, Polygala, Acorus, Angelica, Testudinis, Cornus Cervi Fragments.

Case Study

Mr. K. Lin is a 64 years old retired male. The date of his visit was on January 29, 1995. Clinical manifestations include : poor attention, hand tremor, stiff tongue and inability to hold a rice bowl or chop sticks, poor balance and required help when walking. He also has partial urinary and fecal incontinence with frequent urination. A CT scan taken on December 22, 1995 confirmed cerebral atrophy. The patient's condition dramatically improved after taken "New Life # 160 for only 5 days. On the sixth day, the patient's hand tremors stopped. He was much more energetic. His frequency of urination decreased and did not required assistance to walk. He commented that "New Life # 160 " was like a "Magic Bullet" and he said it without stuttering.

Ms. Colombini said " My hand is shaking constantly, after taking New Life # 160 for 10 days the symptom was getting better.

Dosage:2- 3 capsules 3 times a day before meals with a cup of warm water.

Price: $ 30.00 USD per 90 capsules This formula can be used to treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gerig's Disease, Patient can also take Memory Booster # 420 for boosting memory

"Stroke Savor #323"

Composition: Astragali Rx., Angelicae Sinensis, Rx. Stamen, Paoniae Rubra Rx. Lumbricus, Ligustici Willichii Rz., Persicae Sm/. Carthami Fl.

Action: Tonifying vital energy, promoting blood circulation and dredging the meridian passage.

Indication: For stroke sequela such as hemiplegia, facial deviation, Aphasia, slobbering, lower limbs paralyses, incontinence of urine, etc.,., with white fur and slow pulse $35.00/90 Caps




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