All Natural Remedies for Eye Disorders (Ophthalmology)


Chinese Herbal Doctor Remedies is very powerful and effective for various eye disorders including cataract, glaucoma, asthenopia, weak vision, amblyopia, nearsightness, iritis, sclerosis keratitis, scleritis, hardened cornea, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, eye congestion, pain, lacrimation, tearing, swelling, secretion, ocular hyperemia, pink eyes, vertigo, blur vision,trachoma, AMD, nyctalopia, ocular bleeding, hordeolum, dacryocystitis.


Glauco Catar # 396: The most famous clinically proven formula to treat or prevent glaucoma, cataract without surgery and for blurred vision, dry eyes, photophobia, conjunctivitis.

Vision Forte # 96: For visual disturbance, blur vision ,weak vision, cataract due to weakness or lingering illness.

Dry Eyes Off # 399: For blurred vision, dry eyes, photophobia, Age related muscular degeneration disease (AMD).

Flex # 100: For eye inflammation, swelling , pain in the eyes, acute orbital swelling.

Blepharin # 91: For blepharitis with swelling, congestion, pain, secretion and lacrimation

Blue Dragon # 18: For conjunctivitis, eye congestion, ocular eczema, lacrimation, keratitis, dacryocystitis.

Reman-8 # 7: For cataract, glaucoma, weakness of vision power. You can take this formula with Glauco Catar # 396 for treatment of Cataract or Glaucoma to speed up the healing time.

Vertigo Off # 54: For temporarily near sightness, ocular hyperemia, vertigo or dizziness when standing up.

Uro EZ #26: For temporarily near sightness and night blindness if patient has thirsty, and difficulty of urination

System Harmonizer # 19 and Vertigo Off # 54 Combination: For treatment of asthenopia.






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