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Cellulite Off # 866 is the newest innovation by Herbal Doctor Remedies natural skin treatment for cellulite, dry wrinkled crepe skin, lumpy skin, spider vein without costly surgery, it is 100% safe, effective and the results are remarkable.

Ingredients: Angelica Sinensis,Ligusticum Willicum Rz,Peonia Alba, Poria Coco Rx, Atractylodes Alba Rz, Alisamtis Rz, Polypolus, Cinnamomi Ramulus, Rehmannia Rx Preparata, Moutan Radicis, Percicae Sm, Paoniae Rubra Rx.

Usage: This formula can supply blood and nutrients to the skin, remove excess intercellular fluid which causes crepe paper skin or lumpy skin, eliminate stagnant blood from blood vessles, strengthen blood vessels elasity, tighten the skin and smooth out skin surface.


Costs: $35.00/90 Caps ; Dosage: 2 capsules 3 times a day before meals with a cup of warm water.

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