According to our research efforts, Chinese Herbal Doctor Remedies, can be used to prevent ,treat cancer or tumor successfully or prolong your life. Here is a example:

A five-year study of the effects of Liver Guard # 303 on patients with cirrhosis of the liver found that those who took the herbal remedy in conjunction with conventional therapy (Western treatment method) were less likely to develop liver cancer than those who took only Western drugs. Moreover, individual in the combined-treatment group were also more apt to survive longer than their Western-treatment only counterparts.

This study, led by Hiroko Oka of Osaka City General Hospital, was published in the September 1 issue of the world-renowned medical journal, Cancer, and then widely reported in such distinguished newspaper as the Wall Street Journal.

One group of 130 cirrhosis patients was given both Liver Guard # 303 and conventional drugs for 5 years, while the other group of 130 cirrhosis patients was administered only with conventional drugs. Among the combined-treatment patients, 23 (18%) developed liver cancer, compared with 33 (25%) who took only Western drugs. After 5 years, 102 (78%) in the Liver Guard # 303 group were still alive, but only 89 (68%) of those who did not received the herbal remedy survived.

The following is the list of some important Chinese Herbal Doctor Remedies to prevent or treat different kind of cancer or Tumor.

Consists of : Bupleurum, Scute, Pinellas, Ginger, ginseng, Jujube, Licorice, Capillaries, Philodendron, Coix Licorice. it can be taken for hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer therapy. costs $ 30.00/90 caps

Consists of : Cinnamon, Hoelen (Poria Coco), Paonia Red, Apricot,

carthamus, Coix, Licorice. This formula is for myoma of the uterus. costs: $ 35.00/90 caps

Consists of : Ligustrum, Lycium, Psoralea, Dioscorea, Cistanche,Epimedium, Uncaria, Morinda, Cibotium, Achyranthes,Chaenomeles, Acorus, Coix, Licorice. For Myelocytic Leukemia. Costs: $ 30.00 /90 caps.

Consists of : Ligustrum, Hoelen (Poria Coco) , Lycium, Atracylodes alba, Pseudostellania, Astragalus, Sophora,Sanguisorba, Coix, Licorice.for colon cancer. It can be taken with Tumor Off # 125 or Cancer Off # 126 . Costs: $ 30.00/ 90caps

Consists of : Ligustrum, Eclipa, Astragalus, Coix, Licorice. This formula can be used to increase the white blood count after radiation therapy. It can be taken with Super Tonic # 9. costs: $ 30.00/90 caps

** Therapeutic Tip:

** Initial stage of Breast Cancer: Take Tumor Off # 125 and Tumor Shrinker # 325 or add Cancer Off # 126

** Hepatitis or liver cancer/tumor: Take Liver Guard # 303 and Tumor Shrinker # 325

** Take Super Tonic # 9 and Immunolin # 311 during and afar chemo or radiation therapy

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