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We would like to introduce to you several Chinese Herbal Doctor Remedies which has been used in Chinese medical history for thousand years in order to help you reduce or eliminate asthma attack, bronchitis, short of breath and persistent cough.

You are probably using Alupent, Ventolin, Atrovent, Intal, Tilade, Serevent... inhalers or steroid inhaler, or taking prednisone, prednisolone to reduce allergic reaction or taking Theo Dur, Alupent , Ventolin , Hydrophed, Aminophyllin tablets for long term therapy. Now you can take these Herbal Doctor Remedies as a therapeutic supplements which will help you reduce the dosage or totally eliminate the prescription drugs need.

Here is what Herbal Doctor recommends for Asthma :

During Asthma attack

This is to tell you how much I appreciate your medicine. My husband has coughed for 5 months and his lungs hurt; He even went into hospital for antibiotic treatment, nothing helped. The very first capsules he took calmed his coughing. Now he is down to coughing about twice a day. He smiled Today, the first time in 5 months. I was feeling so sick after 3 weeks of antibiotic for bronchitis. I was not improving. I have been taking Biomycin # 174 and Asma Stopper # 164 for two days and I am very much improved. Samantha in Florida

I was coughing for 5 years, even worse condition in air conditioned room. The very first capsules (Asma Stopper # 164) I took, immediately calm down the coughing after 30 minutes. It is a miracle medicine. I was cured only after 2 weeks of treatment. Angela in San Bernardino, Ca.


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